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uPVC Doors

Sliding Door

One of the most preferred styles that people opt for today are sliding doors. The design of a sliding door is crafted in such a way that it offers unhindered access and doesn’t take up too much space. As the functioning of sliding doors is effortless and noiseless, the mechanism of sliding doors is also often referred to as the Silent System.

Casement Door

There is nothing that looks and functions as good as Our’s casement doors, whether they are in rooms overlooking gardens and terraces or functioning as the main entrance. These are new-generation uPVC casement doors designed for larger openings and are adjoined by multiple sashes in a unique mechanism, courtesy of our highly capable team of fenestration experts.

Slide & Fold Doors

Ever wondered how do banquet halls divide their space according to the number of people? They have slide and fold door that folds up and stretches as required. It works like an assembly of 3+ sashes that are hinged together. If you want to use it normally, you can use it as Ingress and Egress where one sash works like a single casement door sash.

Tilt and slide doors

tilt and slide doors can be opened in two ways: You can either slide or tilt the movable patio door leaf. It’s a space-saving solution compared to the way French doors are normally opened. Also, you decide which material we use to build your new door – pick one of four available options. Use our comprehensive configurator to create your new tilt-slide patio door at an attractive price.

Lift and Slide Doors

All lift and slide doors are engineered with our exclusive Hybrid Framing System. The Hybrid Framing System features steel reinforced European uPVC profiles and fusion welded corners. The result is a door that has the structural strength required for extra-large openings.The lift and slide door features a very low sill that can easily be flush mounted into your floor for a continuous surface from the inside to the outside.



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