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uPVC lift and slide door

lift and slide door

The stand-out convenience feature of our Patio “Lift & Slide” door is the extremely simple movement of large and heavy doors. The space-saving opening of balcony doors with Lift & Slide sashes permits optimum use of space, as no sashes project into the room. Thanks to the generous door dimensions, plenty of light can enter the room which, together with the refined design, gives discerning customers a feeling of well-being. Lift & Slide doors allow barrier-free access to terraces or balconies, and can also be used just as room dividers. Besides being used in hotels and catering establishments, our Lift & Slide systems are also very popular in private home construction. 


UPVC lift and slide door

Lift and Slide uPVC doors allow optimum space usage as no sashes protrude into the room. They have a sliding action that does not have any folding mechanism or hinges, as in the case of a folding or swing door.

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