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uPVC Tilt & Turn Window

 uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows are a great choice when it comes to choosing a window as it has a perfect blend of intelligent operability and smart asthetics. These windows provide you the flexibility of choosing it as a source of ventilation or as a standard window. Tilt the top of sash and open inward at an angle to use it for ventilation purposes else swing the complete sash inward and use it like your standard window. High-grade uPVC Frame coupled with Glass of choice offers various profiles of tilt-turn windows.


  • Very low on maintenance
  • Economical in cost
  • Available in many shades of glasses
  • Excellent safety standards

Key Facts



Construction Depth mm



Sound Reduction

upto 60


Max. Height



Max. Width

*Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.

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